Drs. Rolle-Daya & Nagpaul  

Our office is small and friendly. We form a partnership with families and take care of the children as if they were our own.
Questions are encouraged and we take the time to listen.

We focus on education and prevention in growth and development as well as illnesses.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of pediatric care and to keep up to date in the latest developments in our specialties

We try to integrate complimentary medicine and limit the use of medications when appropiate.

We do not hesitate to consult subspecialists for complex problems.

Specialties: Pediatrics & Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatrics: Both doctors
Both doctors are Board Certified in Pediatrics. They are Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics(FAAP). This requires at least 5 years post doctoral training in the specialty of pediatrics.

This office has serviced our communities since 1976.

Pediatric Cardiology: Dr Nagpaul